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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED 3-12-2020


1-The Transition Called Death

Beloved Children,

I am Mother Mary, Queen of Peace.

Many of our friends and relatives are choosing to withdraw from life. They are leaving their bodies in the process called death.  This is such an important process of live.

These questions will be answered over time.


How can we prepare for death?

What should we do?

What is death anyway?  How can we help family and friends prepare for the passing of a loved one? What will happen? See The God Project by God the Father through Mary McChrist

What if you are the one who is dying?

Are there prayers of words of comfort?

What about a memorial or funeral?


Who in Spirit helps the loved one's transition?

    • Are their special angel helpers? Who are they? Archangel Faith will be happy to help the departed Spirit to go Home. Call her name (3x) and she will come and escort the soul through the tunnel and into the Inner Planes.
    • How do we call them?  “Archangel Faith please escort this soul to the correct place. Thank you so much. I am so grateful.”
    • Archangel Azreal helps with grave details.  He and his monks assist in many ways particulary in war or large clean-up jobs.
    • Should we call for the ascension of our loved one? How?
  • Christ Jesus suggests the we in form always call for the ascension of the loved one. It does not matter what we think as far as do they qualify for the ascension. Just make the call and leave it up to Spirit.
  •                                     Other Issues:

Wills (You should all have a will. Stop putting it off.)

Cleaning out the storage units and homes.

Removing clothes and personal items - Who gets what? Prepare, prepare, prepare.


Memorial Services of Love

Music that represents the loved one

Words and prayers of comfort

Remembering the loved one – I remember when....

Who wants to speak? Photos, videos,

Accomplishments of the departed soul.

Grave site service?

Grieving Helps Us Heal


Our Lord Jesus Christ came to show us there is no death. Yes, on the physical plane the loved one is gone.  But her or his essence can not truly die. There is no sudden end or stopping of consciousness.  It does not suddenly go black and that is it.


Many beings who have died and returned to life say death was a wonderful freeing experience. This is especially true if the person has been sick or in pain.  Know there are times in which the kindest thing is for the person to pass out of their body.


Death of a Child

When an infant or child dies often the soul was nearly complete before the birth. The soul returned to just finish off the last remaining lessons.  Then this one is given the ascension, which is the lifting-up into the highest level of heaven the soul has earned at this point. 


Children often incarnate into a family they can teach and help. Respect the child. If a child is mentally or physically challenged they have come with a special mission.  They have come to teach the parent of parents some form of lessons. Surrender to the situation and do not blaim yourself. Often these are special love children.


Read The God Project by God the Father, through Mary Clarice McChrist. It gives a very detailed description of this whole theme.


  • Grieving allows the death to be processed.  Otherwise, it turns into “gapped” energy which remains stuck in the emotional body. Do not allow this to happen to you. Feel your feelings. Let them go. Surrender to the moment. Crying is very important for all people. Society has done a disservice to men not allowing them to cry or putting them down for being human. It is natural to grieve. Do it.
  • Who can help? Most town or cities have Grieving Group you can join.  The whole family may require healing and counciling.


There are times when death is emminant. The soul will go into an agreement with another soul who is willing to take over the body of the dying person to complete work not completed or for some other reason.  The souls agreed upon this before the death.


Family members maybe amazed how much the soul has changed. Marriages may require a period of adjustment because the people may not even know each other.  If you understand that the new person is a walkin try to help. The walkin may not realize what has happened to them.




Death in my Personal Family.


My thirty-four year old daughter Kimberly died  under difficult circomstaces.


Our Lady came forward almost immediately and gave me a very important Rosary of Death, Transition and Ascension. We were so grateful for this prayer for there is nothing like it as far as I know.