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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED 3-12-2020


Mother Mary-Ma is much better, but prayers are still appreciated. As one of the Divine Mothers she transmutes for our world.. Donations are welcome for all of the extra expensives. Thank you Beloved Ones. 

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Books by Mary Clarice McChrist

Magdalenes Black Rose Book COVER1


Magdaleneメs Black Rose: The Love Story of Jesus and His Belovedis told by Mary Magdalene herself. Know secrets never revealed before: Christ’s love poems, questions are answered about their marry, children, the Holy Grail lineage, and Christ’s Ascension.  Visit Mother Mary, sit with Christ, walk with Him, and hear His Words. Live their passion, and share their ecstasy and sorrows.  Realize Crucifixion secrets and heal your issues, obtain the Resurrection keys, and experience the Pentecost. This love story sets the pattern for all twin flames and marriage, while unfolds New Teachings. It will shake-up the Christian World.

Go to www.Magdalenes-BlackRose.com

Available in 2018




Homage to the Buddhas Book COVERS


Homage to the Buddhas

Sacred teachings, rare offerings, direct transmissions, combined with breath-taking illustrations create a powerful weaving of enlightenment and wisdom of the Buddhas. This book offers practical, proven meditation, prayers, songs, teachings. Maitreya Buddha introduces Mother Buddha’s Sutra of Compassion, Chenrezig gives secret teachings, Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche brings treasure teachings for our age. Explore the new living Buddha, Bomjon Ram Maitreya Buddha who sat in meditation six years.He reveals the teachings of Loving-Kindness.Travel to the Wesak Valley and experience the highest release of yearly energy given by Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the World.

Order on Amazon under MaryClariceMcChrist

The Blessed Mother Blue Rose COVER


The Blessed Motherメs Blue Rose of the Healing Heart

The Blessed Mother’s Blue Rose of the Healing Heart provides direct experiences of Divine Mother Mary.The Outer Mysteries gives a daily prayers to open the heart, heal the inner child and shadow self. The Mother’s gift is the Blessed Ascension Rosary and the Rosary of Transformation. The Virgin’s guidance is clear, she offers new teachings - Flaming Hearts of Mary and Jesus, prayer, unified faith, forming Blue Rose World Service Prayer Groups. Archangel Michael offers protection, initiation and your personal sword. Mother Mary calls this book The Mother’s Bible.

The Inner Mysteries includes Grail Legend, the  embodiment process and teachings previously held in secret by Lord Jesus.New books are available from Mary-Ma call 530-643-2152.

Love Offering $19.95, Second One $5.00 --Mother Mary’s Bible!

This offer is only available from the author 530-643-2152!

Special -- Order Now.


Virgin Guadalupe Book COVER

A real Winner

Virgin Guadalupe’s Gifts and Prayers

This full color book, of the Virgin of Guadalupe’s Gifts and Prayers won the 2010 Silver Medal for Digital Excellence in eLit, is the true story of the Virgin of Guadalupe’s appearance to Juan Diego and the miracle tilma (upon which the image appeared), including special Heart gifts, the Virgin Image Ceremony, and a sacred meditation trip to Mexico City for the 12:12 Celebration. Receive spiritual tools, blessings, and new prayers and rosaries, to transform your life, heal your family, aid your ancestors and the world from Virgin of Guadalupe – Our Lady of the Americas. Purchase or preview now.ᅠ  Order on Amazon under MaryClariceMcChrist Full Color $24.95.

Available now through Amazon





















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and receive  from the Divine Mother.Mary MA.the latest Celestial Colors for the Golden Age.