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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED on 8-7-19



;Blue Rose Mother-Heart Temple

The Maitreya

Our Mission is to promote Loving-Kindness through opening the heart, expanding the mind and uplifting our community and Global Family.


Our Vision is to promote blossoming of individuals and families in order for them to reach their highest potential through expansion of consciousness and self-mastery and personal enlightenment.


Our Intention is to assist in the Ascension of the Love-Christ/Wisdom-Buddhic Soul Family in the next 60 years by 2075.


Mother Mary-Ma is much better, but prayers are still appreciated. As one of the Divine Mothers she transmutes for our world.. Donations are welcome for all of the extra expensives. Thank you Beloved Ones. 

Join our 11-10--18 Teleconference CLASS and receive  from the Divine Mother.Mary MA.the latest Celestial Colors for the Golden Age.