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The Science of COLOR - Rays and Flames CLASS

Sat. 11-10-18 , 2-4 PM PT


Order of the Blue Rose
 Invites you personally to attend our
 Mother's Day Teleconference:
"Divine Mothers of the HEART"

Sunday, May 13, 2018 from 2:00-4:00 P.M. on your phone

You will experience:
 The Miraculous Medal of Catherine Laboure'; Goddess Isis; Mother Mary
Rejuvenation, Initiatioin & Queen of Peace Rosary; Blue Pearl Meditation
Mother's Golden Purse and Golden Grotto Rosary
Who is the Black Madonna?
Mother's Rainbow Temple, Discs & Wheels
Virgin Mary's Rosary of Death, Transition & Ascension;
Mantras, Songs;
What do you do? When do you do it?

Love Offering is $22-33.00 Go to:
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www.MaryClariceMcChrist.com Call Mary-Ma for Conference number & code by
5-12-18 Mary-Ma 530-643-2152 or Eric Adamo 530-918-8684
We support each other as Soul Family – JOIN US Email: maryma33@gmail.com

Mother-Matrix Blue Rose Heart Temple
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Mother Mary-Ma is much better, but prayers are still appreciated. As one of the Divine Mothers she transmutes for our world.. Donations are welcome for all of the extra expensives. Thank you Beloved Ones. 

Join our 11-10--18 Teleconference CLASS and receive  from the Divine Mother.Mary MA.the latest Celestial Colors for the Golden Age.

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