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Last UPDATED 2-8-2020


“You are, Your Own Valentine” Teleconference

Friday, 2-14-2020 from 6-7:30 PM PST.

Whatever the situation - When all is said and done; You are it honey; not the prince, the princess, the husband, the wife, the twin flame or soul mate. You are it ALL; yourself, your worth, your Love, your happiness, your sense of humor, your talents and spiritual gifts, even your own Ho’oponopono practice, it's all You. You’re the one who makes it work, you make it happen. You have to truly LOVE Yourself.

How can you improve your own life? Fill it with more Love? More protection? More flare. Come to “You are, Your Own Valentine” and find out. Love offering is $22-$33.00. Go to Pay Pal to pay and receive the call-in number. The donation button on www.NewWorldTeachings.com on the right works fine. Or send a money order to Mary McChrist, Post Office Box 57, Klamath River, CA. 96050. Call Mary so she can see that you get the correct new Teleconference number.

Help is coming from ALL Levels of yourself and beyond.

Mary-Ma McChrist Phone: 530-296-4411.